Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Review

There are many people who complain about severe back aches. The main thing that causes this unpleasant feeling is prolonged sitting in an unhealthy position. It is hard to correct our posture all the time, and this can put pressure on the spine. For this reason, it is important to enjoy a relaxing rest during the night in order to allow the back to take the natural position. The mattress plays a major role in a rejuvenated wake up. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress is an optimum solution for all people who want to savor a good night sleep and forget about daily worries.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress provides a unique sleeping experience. The memory foam included is of high quality. The cooling gel assures an optimal temperature and prevents the mattress from heating during summer days. The therapeutic properties aim to support the spine in a proper alignment to help you forget about unpleasant aches. You will enjoy a medium firm mattress that successfully eliminates pressure points. The gel technology combined with the middle layer of air channel increases the airflow and provides an optimum sleeping experience.

Pros and Cons for Choosing Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that it is a firm and very supportive mattress. It provides a comfortable night sleep so you can actually feel the difference. You can forget about hips and back aches and enjoy revived mornings. It has a very good rating, 4.3 out of 5, based on 72 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress, here are the main pros and cons for choosing such a product.


 The main advantages of using this product are:

  • It comes in a  compact package, thus it is easy to carry up stairs;
  • The installation is easy;
  • It provides a nice feeling as the mattress takes the shape of the body;
  • It manages to relieve back and hips pain;
  • It looks and feels well made, so there are no chances that it can tear or wear out fast;
  • The foam is responsive thus it is very comfortable;
  • The motion transfer is very low to almost none;
  • It does not overheat during the summer.

 The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • It has an unpleasant smell when it is unwrapped that lasts for about two days;
  • Some customers say that the feeling is rather firm than medium-firm as it is stated in the description.

A Closer Look

Sleep Innovations. Sleep Innovations is a firm that manufactures sleep products. It is an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. Here you can find a wide variety of products, such as toppers, pillows, mattresses and specialty sleep items. The company offers a good variation when it comes to design so it can easily match different types of home styles. All products are clinically tested to ensure maximum comfort and to wake up rejuvenated.

Features. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress has a design that supports the body for a comfortable and enjoyable sleep. It is very sturdy and does not require flipping or rotating. The therapeutic memory foam is combined with the cooling gel for optimum results. It successfully manages to relieve pressure points and to keep the spine in a natural position.

Layers. This mattress has three different layers that ensure high-quality sleep. The bottom layer has 8 inches, and it is made of support foam. Its role is to provide stability and durability. The middle layer has 2 inches, and it is made of air channel foam. Its purpose is to enhance the air circulation, distribute heat and support the back. The upper layer has also 2 inches, and it is made of a combination of memory foam with cool gel. Together they manage to optimize the sleeping temperature the entire year.

Specifications. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress is an American product. It has a height of 12 inches, and it can be used on bed frame, foundation or even bare floor. The package comes with a poly cotton cover included. The high-quality memory foam minimizes movement transfer. It is clinically tested, and it meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633. Furthermore, it is covered by a limited warranty of 20 years.


Overall, Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress is a great product. It provides all the benefits of memory foam and even more. It is an optimum choice for people who suffer from back, and hips ache as it manages to relieve them effectively. The features and specifications definitely make it an option worthy to consider.

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