Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Bed in a Box, Made in The USA, 10-Year Warranty, Queen, White

Many people find it hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of back pain. It is frustrating to lie in bed and feel your muscles contract because of an uncomfortable mattress. Furthermore, the same disturbing sensation follows you the next day. One thing is certain. We cannot quit our job in order to avoid prolonged sitting or standing. Fortunately, the answer is simpler than this. Memory foam mattresses represent the ultimate solution when it comes to proper spine alignment and relieves pressure points for a night of comfortable night sleep. Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is such a product that requires careful attention.

Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress was designed to provide excellent sleep. It is a combination of memory foam and air channels that prevent it from heating during long summer days. The airflow assures an optimum circulation for cooler nights. This mattress is tested for its therapeutic support. This means that it represents a great choice for people who suffer from back and hips aches and do not manage to rest well. It is necessary only one night on this mattress to feel all the benefits associated.

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Pros and Cons for Choosing Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that it feels like sleeping on clouds. It assures optimum support for the back. It provides a correct spine alignment so you can enjoy revived mornings. It has a very good rating, 4.2 out of 5, based on 24 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, here are the main pros and cons of choosing such a product.

Bed in a Box, Made in The USA, 10-Year Warranty, Queen, White

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress Bed in a Box


The main advantages of using this product are:

  • It manages to successfully support the body;
  • It relieves back and hips pain during the sleep;
  • It is very comfortable;
  • It is a high-quality firm mattress;
  • It comes in a small package that facilitates transport;
  • It cradles the body nicely;
  • It assures optimum support;
  • It relieves sore pressure points from hips and shoulders;
  • It does not transfer motion.

The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • It has a funny smell when unwrapped;
  • Some customers claimed that the edges were not very supportive.

A Closer Look

Sleep Innovations. Sleep Innovations is a company that produces sleep products. It is an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. The products provided are varied and include toppers, pillows, mattresses, and specialty sleep items. The company manufactures different types of designs so it can easily match almost any type of home style. All their products are clinically tested in order to ensure maximum comfort during the sleep and to wake up ready to face another day.

Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress manages to distribute the body weight in an equal manner in order to relieve the pressure points. It is so comfortable that it even prevents tossing and turning for a deeper sleep. Once you place it on the bed it maintains its original shape thanks to the well-researched design. Furthermore, it does not require rotating or flipping.

Layers. Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is made of three different layers. The bottom layer has 9 inches, and it is made of support foam. Its purpose is to provide stability and durability. The middle layer measures 2.5 inches, and it is made of air channel foam. It manages to enhance the airflow in order to avoid overheating and also customizes the body support. The top layer has a height of 2.5 inches. It is made of open-cell memory foam that cradles the body, thus providing the sensation of sleeping on clouds.

Specification. This mattress comes with a limited warranty of 20 years covered by the provider. It is an American product, and it meets the requirements of the Federal flammability standards. The great support is assured by the extra-thick design that manages to keep the body in a natural position during sleep. You can purchase Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress at a great price. With only $599.99, you will be able to enjoy a Queen Size mattress. It has an optimum height that manages to support the body in a correct manner. It is very easy to maintain as it does not require any changes once it is placed on the bed. The shipping is completely free so you do not need to worry about additional costs. As the list price is $849.99, you save $250.00.


Overall, Sleep Innovations 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a great product. It manages to ensure a therapeutic effect, thus it is extremely useful for people who suffer from back and hips problems. The mattress does not transfer motion, a fact that most couples find it appealing. The price-quality ratio makes it an option worthy to consider.